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Unscheduled Life Opportunities

Unscheduled Life Opportunities

Ivan Pagoda is dead, and his wife and his partner both had a lot to gain. Was it murder, though... or an unscheduled life opportunity?

Created for the Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project.
Character: Ivan or Eve Pagoda, coach
Prop: ID
Line of Dialogue: "We're hoping things will change."
Genre: Detective/Cop

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Finding Flagler

Finding Flagler

Having lost their mojo, two rockers search for the guru who can get them back on track.

Created for the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project.
Character: Tim or Tina Flagler, Unemployed Musician
Prop: a tire (any kind of tire)
Line of Dialogue: "I need to leave in a minute."
Genre: Buddy Film

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Time Dog

Retirement from heroics doesn't always mean a quiet life.

Shot for the Baltimore 2010 48 Hour Film Project.
Genre: Film de Femme
Character: Simon or Simone Willibaster, Inspector
Prop: a stroller
Line of Dialogue: "Who told you life would be fair?"

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